Sushi Shinagawa Aoi

opentue ‐ fri 11:30〜14:00
tue ‐ sun 18:00〜21:30
map3-5-3 401 Minamishinagawa

A new sushi bar “Shinagawa Aoi” is about to openon December 1st, 2014. Mr. Hayashi has workedas a sushi chef at 5 starred sushi bars in Aoyamaand Roppongi (hot spots for fashion and excellentrestaurants and bars) since he graduated from highschool. He has always been thinking of having allcustomers savor fresh and delicious sushi and decidedto open his own bar in Shinagawa, his hometown.

All sushi made by the official Instagram owner, who worked at restaurants in Tsukiji, Ginza, and Aoyama, then at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi for 10 years, before establishing his own restaurant in his hometown of Shinagawa with 34 years of experience, is a masterpiece.

He visits Toyosu Market every morning to purchase seafood, which he prepares using six different types of well-cared-for knives.

The owner’s attention to quality is evident in the one-piece Yoshino cypress counter, chairs handmade by furniture craftsmen in Hida Takayama, and solid wood tables, all of which create a comfortable and blissful atmosphere.

Lunch is available from 1,800 yen, and evening courses start at 8,000 yen.

We also have a private room with a sunken kotatsu for 4 to 10 persons, which is recommended for business entertainment and banquets with important people.

Although Edomae Sushi is often thought of as an intimidating restaurant, the owner’s friendly conversation makes it an enjoyable place to dine.