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This hair salon, which is popular for its excellent service and reasonable prices, offers everything from barbering (facial shaving, etc.) to beauty treatments (scalp care, etc.) to meet the needs of its cus-tomers. It also offers seasonal hair care courses. Reservations are available.

The staff has both barber and beautician licenses.

Since its opening in 2011, the salon has been loved by local residents for its reliable skills and tailored proposals.

The scalp care course using the latest auto shampoo introduced in 2022 is a popular course for both men and women, which leads to beautiful hair by removing dirt and waste from the scalp.

In addition, the “fade cut,” which is rare in the surrounding area, is a menu item unique to the barber shop that requires high skills, and has gained a lot of support from young men and foreigners.

Shadow color and retouch color maintenance are popular menu items with many repeat customers among women.

We keep an electronic medical record for each customer, so we can quickly respond to “same as last time” orders.

Easy-to-go prices and reliable service are attractive.