map3-5-2 Minamishinagawa
Cash Only

“Barber K” is a friendly local shop. You can enjoy the smile and pleasant talk of Mr. Kuroda, the shop owner. A cut, shampoo and shave is 3,500 yen. Please feel free to ask about other deals and details.

The owner, who started the store at the age of 22, has been serving customers with a sense of gratitude every day for more than 30 years with the sole intention of “seeing customers’ happy faces.

The customers range from children to the elderly, and most of them are men.

The store has a bright atmosphere that makes customers want to come back again, and the owner skillfully and politely gives hair styles by responding to customers’ requests, making the store a favorite among many repeat customers.

When they are done, they say, “Good job! when they are finished, because we want them to feel refreshed not only by their hair but also by their feelings.

We are a barbershop in town where customers can feel at ease.