map2-7-14 Minamishinagawa
Cash Only

Pachinko is a Japanese gambling game involving small metal balls. This parlor emphasizes affordability, offering both one- and four-yen pachinko machines, as well as 5-, 10-, and 20-yen slot machines. Visitors are welcomed by front counter staff as soon they step in. A personal tally system removes the need to carry cash on you.

At “Gran Blue,” where staff and customers are close and a good relationship has been established, we try to actively talk with customers and learn their faces.

We respond to customers’ requests as much as possible, and we have introduced a point system for membership cards to exchange them for prizes, and have enhanced membership benefits.

We have also prepared a lineup of prizes centering on home appliances and food items, which were the most popular items requested by our customers.

Although there are other low-priced stores, we spare no effort to make our customers feel a sense of comfort.

The number of machines installed is one of the largest in the region, with more than 200 types.

All pachinko machines are equipped with a personal system that allows customers to easily move from one machine to another with a single card, and the machines are frequently replaced.