map3-1-20 Minamishinagawa
Cash Only

Pachinko is a type of Japanese gambling slot game with small metal balls. The entrance is directly attached to Aomonoyokochou station and easy to access from the ticket gates. This parlor is one of the largest in the area. You can enjoy the most recent and popular pachinko machines. Parking is also available for cars, bicycles, and motorcycles.

We believe that if our staff is not energetic, customers will not be able to enjoy the environment, so our staff greets customers with a cheerful greeting when they enter the store.

If a customer is looking for something, the staff immediately rushes to the customer and guides him or her, emphasizing the importance of attentive attention to detail.

Grandport is equipped with air purifiers to make it easier for non-smokers to stay.

In addition to keeping the store clean with the latest equipment, we pursue the creation of a store that makes customers feel comfortable.

We are equipped with barrier-free restrooms and have free Wi-Fi.

If you create a membership card, you will be able to use the special and convenient membership privileges from that day on.

We recommend that you make one when you come to the store and play with it.