map201 2-7-14 Minamishinagawa

Established in 2022, MATIDAGYM is only a minute’s walk from Aomono-yokocho Station. This personal training facility provides each customer with a plan designed to help them achieve their goals, with the idea being to help people get healthy regardless of their age. MATIDAGYM supports its customers’ diet plans and strength training activities on both the physical and mental level.

We create the most suitable program for each customer’s purpose and level, from dieting to body building, increasing muscle mass, and more.

We support our customers from the inside out by balancing their “PFC”, the three major nutrients.

The store is located only a minute walk from Aomono-Yokocho Station, and offers free rental of clothes and towels so that you can drop by directly after work.

Myofascial release for those suffering from stiff shoulders and back pain, programs for seniors, training for children, training for bridal parties, and other courses and pricing to meet your individual needs.

Even beginners and those who have difficulty continuing at the gym can enjoy their training because they can feel the changes in their bodies.