Takenouchi Clinic

In 2009, Takenouchi Clinic shifted its focus fromsurgery to otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat)services. In addition to providing advanced medicalcare, the specialists here propose detailed treatmentplans based on each patient’s lifestyle. The clinicstrives to build long-term relationships with patientsand contribute to local healthcare.

The third-generation director, who succeeded his grandfather who was a surgeon, has been in charge of the new “Takeuchi Clinic” as an otorhinolaryngology clinic for 15 years now.

With the teaching of “quickly removing the cause of the problem and treating it” in mind, we will continue to be involved in community medicine while carefully nurturing relationships with our patients in our 116-year-old hospital, which survived the Great Kanto Earthquake and air raids.

We hope to continue to be a “community hospital” that is trusted by everyone from children to the elderly by carefully interviewing and examining patients and prescribing the most effective medicine based on findings.

Since the symptoms of otolaryngology cover a wide range and many patients today have multiple pre-existing medical conditions, we would like to be a health creation partner where people can come for consultation immediately if they feel any discomfort.