Jonan Children’s Heart Allergy Clinic

Pediatric clinic also providing specialist care forchildhood allergies and circulatory conditions. Groundfloor premises offer easy access for prams. We offera full range of ultrasound exams as well as inhalers,nasal mucus suction, and respiratory testing. The clinicis fitted with isolation rooms to prevent infection.

The hospital opened in October 2019 because there were no pediatric specialty clinics in Minami-Shinagawa or Higashi-Shinagawa.

It also offers specialized allergy care, based on the board chair’s belief that children and allergies are inseparable.

The doctors and nurses are not only familiar with children’s specific illnesses, but are also accustomed to dealing with children.

We make sure that children can come to the hospital without fear.

In addition to vaccinations and checkups, pediatric specialists examine children for acute illnesses such as fever and vomiting, nocturia, constipation, developmental counseling, growth counseling such as short stature and short weight, headaches, and obesity.

We also have a full-time allergist who can handle not only children but also accompanying adults.

Appointments can be made via smartphone or online.