Osaka Yakiniku/Hormone Futago Aomonoyokocho

openmon ‐ fri 17:00〜24:00(L.O.23:30)
sat   12:00〜24:00(L.O.23:30)
sun・holiday 12:00〜23:30(L.O.23:00)
map1F 3-24-20 Minamishinagawa

The shop features a unique “half-volume, half-price” system,popular because the customer can try several kinds of meatcuisine at a time. The trained staff grill the meat nearby, sothe customers can enjoy grilled meat and Horumon-yaki(grilled beef or pork offal) straight from the grill.

In order to provide all customers with a greater variety of food, we offer carefully selected beef at half the quantity and half the price, along with the best entertainment.

The Aomonoyokocho branch, which caters mainly to families, offers a fun atmosphere for children, and those who register for the “Futago Kingdom” program (membership fee is 300 yen per year excluding tax) receive a free soft drink when visiting the restaurant, a toy gift, and a dessert gift on their birthday month.

The restaurant is also suitable for any occasion, with many women, singles, and second-timers using the restaurant.

The staff, who have completed training in grilling, are happy to explain about the meat and tell you when it is ready to eat while grilling.

The “Specialty Kuroge Wagyu Beef Kalbi”, which is available in limited quantities, is a must-try dish.