Hakata Theater Aomonoyokocho

open16:00〜24:00 (L.O.23:30)
map1-B 3-24-20 Minamishinagawa

The shop is inspired by food stands in Hakata, Kyushu,and local cuisine such as Teppanyaki grilled in front ofyou and horse meat Carpaccio, seasoned cod roe etc. Thespeciality is a gyoza meat dumplings served by iron pot.You can enjoy a variety of food such as Oden stew servedby large pot as well as drinks.

The most popular iron pot dumplings are small bite-sized dumplings, six per person.

The restaurant accepts orders for two servings, and most customers order three to four servings.

On a typical day, more than 800 iron pot gyoza are served per day, and the staff spends three to four hours each day preparing them by hand.

The “Dodeka Jokkis” (large beer mugs), which hold one liter, or two and a half times the volume of a medium beer mug, are also popular.

The menu offers a wide variety of drinks, including sours and highballs, with a few exceptions, such as sake and authentic shochu.

Yatai-ya members receive many benefits, such as a lifetime free appetizer and a free gyoza (dumpling) for the number of years of age in the month of their birthday.

The Aoyoko branch is also looking for female challengers who can eat up to 100 gyoza in an hour!