Hinoya Curry Aomonoyokocho

close2nd Saturday
map1F 3-5-10 Minamishinagawa

The curry at this restaurant, which is made with speciallyselectedingredients and a unique blend of spices, isalways available at short notice. There are many regularswho come here three or four times a week, so therestaurant has a small menu of items that never fail tosatisfy diners. The unique dishes on offer here, such as thedeluxe grilled cheese curry, are also well worth trying.

The curry, made under the motto of carefully frying onions and preparing only enough for the day, has an addictive taste that you have never encountered at home before.

The curry roux that has been loved throughout the ages, “sweet at the beginning, spicier later, with a lingering aftertaste,” is endorsed by the Kanda Curry Grand Prix, where it was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the first time in its history.

The most popular dish is curry with pork cutlet, which is made with a special batter.

It is a dish that is fast, tasty, and easy to eat.

In addition, the Aomono-Yokocho branch has begun serving alcohol.

Draft beer, which is rare at Hinoya Curry, is offered, and the snack menu is also extensive, making it a good place for a quick drink.

The Aomonoyokocho branch is loved by a wide range of customers, from people who work in the neighborhood to locals, and the seasonal menu and limited menu other than curry are also popular with many repeat customers.