map3-5-10 Minamishinagawa
halal food/cashless/takeout/delivery

Ethnic restaurant serving over 20 varieties of Indiancurry in a menu that also includes. Thai gapao, noodles,and among the dinner options, Nepalese momo (steameddumplings), tandoori chicken, and tom yum goong, oneof the world’s three most popular soups. Enjoy unlimitednaan and rice at lunchtime, with the extra bonus of lunchbeing available to 5pm!

An ethnic restaurant run by the Raimaj brothers, who trained in India for about 10 years and in a famous Japanese restaurant for 7 years.

The name of the restaurant, “Dhannevad” means “thank you” in Nepali, expressing their gratitude to their customers.

The menu offers about 70 kinds of dishes, mainly Indian curries, but also meat dishes and soups using spices and herbs.

The most popular curry is “Butter Chicken,” a mild curry made in India and suitable for both adults and children.

The sticky naan baked in a tandoor (stone oven) is quite hearty and filling.

The “White Gapao” cooked with white sauce and butter is one of our most popular dishes.

Lunch sets, cheese naan sets, ladies’ sets, and other special dinner sets are also available.