Seasonal fish and vegetable shop Teppei

openmon ‐ thu 17:30~23:00      
  fri 17:30~24:00
map1F 2-7-17 Minamishinagawa
halal food / cashless / takeout

A Japanese style bar that features Sashimi from freshnatural fish and vegetable dishes. Japanese sake (ricewine) and shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) have beenstrictly selected by the owner. The shop regularly haswell-renowned sake “Ju-yondai” in stock. If you join the”Sake, Shochu, Local sake” membership (Nihonju-Shochu-Jizake-Tomonokai) at an annual fee of 1,000 yen, you willget 10% discount of all local sake and shochu.

At “Teppei,” where you can enjoy dishes that make the most of the ingredients, mainly fresh “seasonal” fish and vegetables, everything is handmade, even the seasonings such as broth, ponzu (Japanese sauce made from ponzu), and soy sauce.

The reason behind this is that “a diet that is full of ready-made flavors from convenience stores and ready-made foods is no fun at all. I want people to taste the handmade quality that can only be found here.

The “dashimaki tamago” (rolled egg), popular among regular customers, is seasoned only with soup stock made from kombu (kelp) and dried bonito flakes, and soy sauce.

The soup stock is made from kombu (kelp) and dried bonito flakes, and soy sauce is the only seasoning used.

A large selection of sake is served to match the seasonal ingredients.

You can enjoy the dishes that have been prepared with time and effort in a relaxing and comfortable adult space.