Matsuya Aomonoyokocho

map3-23-18 Minamishinagawa

This restaurant, which is constantly improvingthe sauce of its beef bowl dish, is very particularabout its ingredients and methods. It has a widevariety of set meals and curries, all served withmiso soup. There is also a ticket machine thatlets customers quickly order meals.

The key to the flavor of Matsuya’s “Gyu-Meshi” is the “special sauce” that is rich, curdled, and soft to the palate.

The beef is made from North American beef, which has a good balance of lean and fatty meat, and is cut into thick, satisfying slices.

The miso soup that accompanies all products in the restaurant is made from highly flavorful Shinshu-red “rice miso.

The soup is made from a combination of two kinds of bonito flakes and kelp.

The Aomonoyokocho branch has one ticket vending machine inside and one outside the restaurant.

The outside ticket vending machine, which is rare in the surrounding area, has been well received by customers, who say that it is convenient because they can also purchase items from the menu inside the restaurant.

The shop is crowded with regulars using the machines for breakfast, businessmen for lunch, and residents on their way home from work in the evening, many of whom purchase Matsubennet (boxed lunches), which can be purchased without waiting.

Every Tuesday is the day new menu items go on sale.