Temmyokokuji Temple

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This temple was founded in 1285 at the request of Tenmoku Shounin, the head priest Nichiren Daisgounin’s disciple. The temple has a lot of historicalheritages such as the main gate, which is recognized asone of the 100 Famous Sites of Shinagawa, foundationstone of the five-storied pagoda and the grave site ofItou Ittousai, the famous swordsman from the pre-Edo period. Recently, Eitaikuyou Noukotsudou (urn forthe remains of the dead) has been built. On the lastSaturday of every month, events are held where visitorsgather and enjoy practicing hand-copying of a sutra(Shakyou-no-Tsudoi).

Entering the approach to the temple from the shopping street, you will see the spacious main hall behind the vermilion mountain gate, which has been designated as one of the “One Hundred Scenic Spots of Shinagawa.

Myokokuji Temple (the name before the temple was renamed), which flourished from the Edo to Muromachi periods, is said to have had a five-story pagoda and a Buddhist hall and covered an area of 22,000 tsubo (approximately 8,000 m2), but even today, with an area of less than 4,000 tsubo, it is the largest temple in the area.

The temple has always valued the relationship between people and the temple, such as the Bon Odori dance held by the local community for 30 years, and the New Year’s Eve bell ringing by all attendees and the giving of netsuke, the Chinese zodiac sign for the coming year.

In 2012, the temple built a permanent ossuary.

The temple has a long history of more than 730 years and continues its desire to be a place where people can gather and feel at ease.