Kaiunji Temple

open9:00~17:00(festival 7:00~17:00)
map3-5-21 Minamishinagawa

This temple was founded in 1251 by the monkSofuzan. It is known for enshrining Sanpo-kojin,who has been worshiped as a god of the hearthand guardian of the kitchen since the Edoperiod. During the festivals held in spring andautumn, the temple is a popular destination forthose wanting to buy talismans. There are tenvisitor parking spaces on the temple grounds.

Kaiunji Temple, popularly called “Aragami-sama,” enshrines the deity Senzai Sanpo Dai Aragami as its guardian deity.

Aragami-sama is the deity that protects human water, which is the most important thing in a kitchen, and Shinagawa’s Senzai Aragami-sama has been worshipped by many people since the Edo period as the guardian deity of kitchens.

Even today, a grand festival is held in spring and fall, attracting as many as 50 to 60 stalls and more than 1,000 people.

In addition, the shrine is also home to Ususama Myoo, the god of toilets, and a mound of Tachibana Ukon’s calligraphy.

The temple grounds are open to visitors at any time of the day, and people stop by on their way to and from work, visit every morning and evening, and come from all over the Kanto region as well as from other parts of Japan.

In 2023, a Yose theater will be held in the precincts of the temple. We are also making efforts to make the shrine more accessible to the local community.