Café Musica

openmon ‐ fri 7:30〜21:00
sat 10:00~18:00
holiday 11:00~18:00
map2-4-1 Minamishinagawa

Café Musica has been nominated as “Cup ofExcellence,” for its high quality coffee. Coffee isdeliberately dripped through a siphon coffee ‐maker after every order. Prices vary based onavailability.*Payable with Suica and Pasmo, railway passcards.

Café Musica is a coffee shop that stands out from the izakaya (Japanese-style pub) and fast food restaurants that dominate the shopping district.

When you enter the store, you can feel the overwhelming presence of “history and aroma” of coffee brewed for more than 40 years.

The second-generation owner, who has been brewing coffee since graduating from high school, says that it is precisely because the “café” style is becoming more and more common nowadays that he wants to convey the taste of coffee made with a particular brewing method, such as the flannel drip method or siphon method.

His son, the third generation, is currently undergoing training.

In order to improve the quality of coffee, the shop offers a variety of coffee that has been awarded the title of “Cup of Excellence,” the highest quality in the world, at an international coffee competition held once a year, providing a rare and delicious taste that cannot be bought online.

Smoking is not permitted, but smoking booths are available.

We recommend the coffee shop’s unique morning breakfast, as well as gratins and spaghetti!