Aito – Kato Goro Shouten

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map2-7-8 Minamishinagawa

The Aito – Kato Goro shoten stocks over a thousanditems made from different materials for comfortable,pleasant living spaces, including ceramics, softfurnishings, lacquer ware, glass and metal goods. Newgoods are displayed and the interior decoration looksdifferent every day in the seasonal booth. You’ll findsomething new every time you visit.

Because we want our customers to cherish and use each item for a long time, all of our staff members try to convey to our customers the “thoughts and stories of the makers” that go into each product.

The many products lined up in the store are all pieces that the manager has visited the site to see with his own eyes, and has had many conversations with the makers.

The store is filled with the idea that knowing the background of the product will increase your love for it.

The selection of daily sundries changes daily, from handmade vessels by artists and craftsmen to ornaments.

The products in the store are selected based on the belief that we want to provide “good things that enrich the heart” and offer new discoveries that can only be found here.

This is the perfect store for those who want to find sundries that will last a lifetime, or want to give high-quality goods as gifts to others.