Kumagai stationery store

住所/map2-7-8 Minamishinagawa
Cash Only

Established in 1948, “KUMAGAI” is a stationaryshop run by 2nd generation owner, Mr. Shirao,in a family business. The shop deals with notonly stationery but also a variety of seasonaltoys such as water guns and blow bubbles. Thestore’s mascot cat,

Kumagai Stationery Store has been located in Aomono-Yokocho shopping street for more than 70 years.

The store offers a wide range of products, from old-fashioned items no longer seen in recent years, such as Japanese paper used for ledgers and mizuhiki, to more recent items, such as Frixion color pencils.

The store is crammed with stationery.

Many of the products are only available here, and many local residents and businesses are said to be regular customers.

Because we are a retail store rooted in the community, we need not only new products, but also old products as well.

We want to meet each customer’s needs as much as possible,” says the owner, Mr. Shirao, with a smile.

That’s why we can order even a single piece of a product.

Mr. Shirao’s friendly personality is one of the reasons why his store is so well-loved.

If you are in need of stationery but have trouble finding it, you will surely find it here.