Aoyoko Orthopedic Clinic

map3-6-39 Minamishinagawa

“Aoyoko Seikei Geka Clinic” has departments suchas the orthopedic for lower back, knee pain andarthritis, the rheumatism and the rehabilitation. Theshoe clinic also examines and treats osteoporosis.The main treatment forms are traction therapy andthermotherapy. The clinic is entirely wheelchairaccessible.

The clinic was opened in 2012 by a director with experience at a university hospital and a Red Cross hospital.

The clinic features pure white walls, high ceilings, and a bright atmosphere.

As a community-based family doctor, the clinic is attended by many local seniors as well as people who work at nearby companies.

Osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become brittle with age, has no subjective symptoms and is often not noticed until a fracture occurs.

Since fractures in old age put patients at risk of becoming bedridden, we focus on early treatment to increase bone density – not to decrease it.

We also offer “Outpatient Shoe Clinic” where custom-made leather shoes can be made with insurance coverage for those with back or knee pain (once a month/appointment required).

We try to suggest treatments that can be done at an early stage to prevent the pain from getting worse.