Medical Saint Yorozu Clinic Aoyoko

General practitioner providing all non-maternityconsultations for all ages: internal medicine, pediatrics,dermatology services, allergies, house calls available.Separate clinic hours kept for vaccinations and infanthealth checks to prevent infection. Online consultationsavailable. The clinic also partners with main hospitals.

The name of the clinic reflects our wish that this ideal relationship of trust between doctor and patient will continue forever everywhere.

Aoyoko Clinic provides pediatrics, general internal medicine diseases, dermatology, allergic diseases, and home care.

We are sincerely committed to improving the health of the community and do our best in interviewing and examining patients with a patient-centered approach.

In the pediatrics department, we strive to be a family doctor that you can feel free to consult with when you are not feeling well or when you have a small matter that worries you while raising your child.

We have also introduced online medical services that allow patients to receive consultations simply by using their mobile phones.