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map2F 3-5-6 Minamishinagawa

This cozy bar is run by a pair of brothers. It offersan extensive menu based around Italian food,plus an all-you-can-drink deal featuring 15 wines.Delectable dishes here include salsiccia gyoza andanchovy and cabbage teppanyaki.

A cozy restaurant run by a brother (manager) and his brother (chef) that offers a wide variety of Italian and other genres of cuisine and a popular “guzzling wine” menu with 15 different types of wine to drink as much as you like.

The restaurant offers delicious food and drinks at reasonable prices so that customers will want to come back again.

The famous “Salsiccia Yaki Gyoza” served with a choice of three different sauces is an original dish of Italian sausage wrapped in gyoza dumpling skin.

In addition to the popular “Teppan Grilled Anchovy Cabbage” and standard pasta and pizza dishes, there are many original dishes such as seasonal dishes.

From snacks that go well with drinks to main dishes, the restaurant can be used for a wide range of occasions.

Please feel free to consult with us about course menus and private parties.