openmon ‐ fri 5:45〜15:00
  sat 5:45〜13:00
map2-17-31 Minamishinagawa
takeout/cash only

The diner opens at 5:45 am and sells individuallyhand-made onigiri(rice balls) of many different kindsincluding, salmon, pickled plum, and konbu (seaweed).Each rice ball starts from 100 yen. Breakfast set mealssuch as the Grilled Salmon Set and the Sunny Side UpEggs Set (each 500 yen) can be ordered until 10 AM.Set meals also available for takeout!

An old-fashioned teishoku-ya (set meal restaurant) located along the old Tokaido Highway.

At first glance, it may seem easy to overlook, but once inside, you will be enveloped by the atmosphere and delicious aroma of the store, which has been in business since 1955.

The shop started out as a Japanese-style confectionery shop offering onigiri, norimaki, inari sushi, and other items, and became a popular place of relaxation for people coming and going in the shopping arcade.

Since the restaurant does not use any additives and is open early in the morning, some people come here to have breakfast before going to work.

The handwritten menus posted on the walls are filled with a large number of items, and many people come to enjoy the handmade set menus at lunchtime.

Bento boxes of your choice are also available upon reservation by phone.