Matsunoya Aomonoyokocho (with My Curry Restaurant)

map1F 2-17-18 Minamishinagawa

Here you can enjoy deep-fried pork cutlets and friedchicken in the form of various set meals, rice bowls, andbento boxes. Since customers can order in advance byphone or online, this restaurant is popular with busypeople who want to enjoy freshly-fried food right away.

Matsunoya offers fast and inexpensive tonkatsu, made with sweet and tender aged chilled pork and using a proprietary blend of frying oil and other ingredients.

The most popular “loin cutlet” set meal features a light, crispy batter and thick, tender meat.

It comes with plenty of shredded cabbage, free refills of rice, and miso soup.

The menu also includes a variety of toppings such as fluffy grated daikon radish.

The spacious interior seats about 40 people, and is mainly composed of counter tables, making it easy to enter even for a single woman.

All orders can be completed using a touch panel.

The Aomono-Yokocho branch has a mai-curry diner, where each meal is carefully heated and prepared using 11 different spices, giving it a specialty restaurant taste.

Almost all dishes available in the restaurant can be taken home.