Shinagawa Seaside Forest Management Association

map4-12-6 Minamishinagawa

“Shinagawa-Seaside-Forest” is a complex facility of shopping centers and office buildings in the Shinagawa Seaside area. They are committed to creating not only a community-based environment for the tenant workers, but also for surrounding community-members.

In the heart of Shinagawa Seaside, the “AEON MALL” and the egg-shaped plaza called the “Oval Garden” are surrounded by a variety of stores offering mouth-watering restaurants, convenient products, and thoughtful services, providing a place for office workers, office ladies, and neighborhood residents to relax.

The location hosts a variety of events typical of a community-based facility, such as local dance team events and music events.

Shinagawa Seaside is an oval-shaped shopping mall with an outdoor courtyard in the center, consisting of three floors.

In addition to Shinagawa Seaside Forest, it is made up of several buildings and is involved in disaster prevention and firefighting.

Conveniently located directly connected to the station, the facility has a sense of openness.