Aoyoko Pharmacy Minamishinagawa

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 sat  9:00〜16:00
map104 2-17-27 Minamishinagawa

Aoyoko Pharmacy is equipped with a specialwaiting room for patients with colds or flu, toallow health and drug consultations away fromother customers. We also stock hypoallergenicshampoo, liquid soap, and other products.

We put a lot of effort into creating a relaxing atmosphere for our patients, from the illustrated staff word diary placed at the entrance to the background music of Hawaiian music.

Since many of our patients come from the pediatric department next door, we have created the store from the perspective of children and their parents.

Being involved in children’s medicine also means diagnosing their home environment and lifestyle, so we make it a point to provide thorough explanations of the medicine and how to take it.

When patients with colds or flu come to the store, we have a “special waiting room” where we can explain prescription medicines and provide health counseling separately from other patients.

We also provide diet and nutritional guidance by a registered dietitian, insurance dispensing, and OTC drug sales.