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map2F 2-7-12 Minamishinagawa

Sushi Ryou has been in business for over 36 years. Therestaurant has a first-class course menu (2.5 hours,7,000 yen) that includes appetizers, assorted sashimi,top-grade nigirizushi (raw fish on rice), grilled seafood,jikasei atsuyaki tamago (sweet and salty fried egg), pickledvegetables, soups, and all-you-can-drink (limit of twobottles of beer per person). There is also a 5,200-yenfood-only course menu option.

A famous sushi restaurant that has been in business for more than 35 years and requires reservations in advance.

The restaurant is crowded with regulars and repeat customers who are attracted by the personality and spirit of the owner as well as the charm of the sushi and dishes he prepares.

The restaurant is a cozy space where you can enjoy sushi and conversation with the owner, who manages a small restaurant with only six counter seats and one table, while watching him work by himself.

The freshness of the ingredients and the prices show the spirit of the owner.

The most popular “All-you-can-drink omakase course” is 7,000 yen and includes appetizers, sashimi, grilled dish, homemade thick-baked egg, nigiri, soup, and a variety of drinks including Japanese sake.

The restaurant’s signature tuna is superb! You can enjoy a luxurious and exquisite moment when you pour sake over the fatty fillet of tuna.