Charcoal Grill Dried Fish Restaurant Echigoya Tsuruchiyo

openmon ‐ fri 11:00~15:00(14:30 L.O.)
 sat  11:00~15:00(14:30L.O.)
map1F 2-7-13 Minamishinagawa

Dried fish seared slowly over charcoal for amouthwatering aroma makes a marvelous set menuoption, or snack to accompany a drink. With 20different varieties available at any time, you could dinehere daily and never eat the same thing twice. Alsoserving an extensive range of seaonal sakes.

The restaurant is filled with warm and relaxing lighting, chess pieces in place of number cards, and other details.

Dried fish slowly and savory roasted over a charcoal fire is an excellent choice as a set meal or as a snack with sake.

There are always about 20 varieties of dried fish available, and the menu is structured in such a way that you can have something different even if you visit the restaurant every day. The sake we put a lot of effort into is carefully selected and stocked seasonally with brands that go well with dried fish.

The “fish skewers,” which allow you to enjoy bite-sized dried fish in small portions, and the limited 5:00 p.m. “Chochi Sake Set” are popular and reasonably priced.

In addition to dried fish, the restaurant offers a wide range of excellent dishes from sashimi and boiled fish to seared meat, making it an easy choice for all ages and occasions.