La vie en Claire

openmon ‐ fri 11:30 〜18:30
map2-8-24 Minamishinagawa
takeout/cash only

The La vie en Claire bakery is operated by a couple whosay that their business is built around appreciation fortheir customers. The bakery’s bread, which is made withhomemade levain (natural wild yeast), is flavorful andremains delicious the day after purchase. The bakeryalso offers seasonal cream anpan (sweet bean bread),which has a chewy yet fluffy texture and a differentcream filling flavor every month.

The name of the store, “Lavianclair,” which also means “bright life,” also expresses the desire to enrich the lives of people in Aoyoko.

Bread made by a baker who has been baking bread for 30 years has a reputation for its beautiful appearance as well as its taste.

All breads are made with homemade natural Levain yeast, and are safe to eat with as few additives as possible.

The bread is made with a lot of time and effort, and is sure to please even the most discerning of bread lovers. There are four types of bread in total that many fans come to buy every day.

The most popular is the Hotel Bread, which is soft to the touch and toasted to give it a slightly sweet flavor.

There are more than 40 varieties of bread baked daily, and the limited edition bread using seasonal ingredients is not to be missed.

You can make reservations for even a single loaf.