24h Gyoza Sakaba

open 24hour
close none
TEL 03-6712-9695
map 2-17-15 Minamishinagawa
URL/SNS https://gyouzasakaba-aomonoyokocyou.com/

The eighteen varieties of gyoza dumplings available here atall times are entirely hand-made, including the wrappers.Enjoy gyoza prepared every which way from the usualpan-frying to boiled, deep-fried, mapo-style, pan-fried withchili sauce, or with cilantro. The “all-you-can-drink” specialincludes” all-you-can-eat” of over 20 kinds of gyoza.

At Gyoza Bar, we always have 18 kinds of gyoza, all handmade from the skin up, to meet the tastes of Japanese people.

You can enjoy various kinds of gyoza including the standard grilled, sui-gyoza, deep-fried gyoza, black vinegar baked gyoza, mapo-yaki gyoza, chili sauce baked gyoza, jade gyoza, and pak choi baked gyoza.

The most popular all-you-can-drink course is the all-you-can-eat course with more than 20 kinds of dumplings.

You can choose from a 2-hour or 3-hour course.

The restaurant also offers many dishes other than gyoza, and offers dishes made with domestic vegetables and meat at reasonable prices.

The bean curd soup, which many repeat customers keep coming back for, is addictively delicious with the numbness of the sansho pepper and the spiciness of the chili peppers.

Open 24 hours a day, you can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine prepared by a Chinese chef without worrying about the time.