Toyoko Inn Shinagawa Aomonoyokocho Station

open In 16:00 
Out 10:00
close none
TEL 03-5461-1045
map 3-1-20 Minamishinagawa

The Toyoko Inn is just 8 min. walk from Shinagawa Seaside station and is directly accessible from Aomonoyokocho station on the Keikyu line. Single rooms start from 8,500 yen (incl tax). Gift certificates and online discount services are also available. Breakfast included.

At Toyoko INN, guests are greeted with a cheerful “welcome home” voice.

This is because the entire staff strives to create a relaxing atmosphere, just as if you were at home.

If they find a loose button on a suit or other item, they will take care of it on the spot, repair it immediately, and even iron it before returning it to the customer.

The staff, who have actually eaten their way through Aomono-Yokocho, can also offer suggestions for restaurants that meet customers’ needs.

There is also a conference room (up to 20 people, 2,500 yen (tax included) / 1 hour).

Many regulars use this hotel for travel, business, relaxation, and a change of pace.