Shiroya Cleaning Minamishinagawa store

Open 9:30〜19:30
close thu・ New year holiday
TEL 03-6451-4577
map 2-17-14 Minamishinagawa

Opened on April 7, 2015, Shiroya provides all-round services including antibacterial and antiviral treatments, shoe cleaning, bag cleaning, etc. If they receive the cleaning requests before 10:30am, they can return your clothing at 6:30pm on the day. With the membership, you can get 10 % discount!

We are always seeking to improve service and quality in our stores to satisfy our local customers.

We also have a store manager who is certified as a textile product quality manager so that he can give better advice on how to handle clothing.

We have also introduced cashless payment to meet the needs of the times.

Siroya Cleaning adds antibacterial and antiviral treatment to all laundry free of charge as a measure against infectious diseases.

We also offer convenient services for today’s busy people, such as “laundry service,” in which we wash daily laundry and daily necessities on behalf of our customers, and “Siroya Delivery,” a home-delivery cleaning service that can be easily used over the Internet.

Clothing repair, remodeling, and clothing storage services are also available in addition to dry cleaning.