map3-5-9 Minamishinagawa

This bicycle shop is located on the intersectionof the Kyu-Tokaido road and Geneva road and iseasy to access by bicycle. The shop specializesin not only sales, but also repairs on any makes.For inquires about bicycle parts and availabilityfor specific brands, feel free to call.

Sano Cycle has been selling and repairing bicycles as it has for 70 years.

Local patrons stop by to say hello and inflate their tires.

The owner, Mr. Sano, is the third generation.

He is dedicated to bicycles, and using repair tools that have been handed down from generation to generation, he can fix most problems in no time.

He has a character of not being able to say no when asked to do so, and has even changed the tire of a rickshaw in the past.

Although he is modest, saying, “There is nothing special about this store,” there are people who have been going there for 70 years with their families, relying on Mr. Sano’s technical skills.

Some of the regulars come here just to make small talk.

The store is like something out of “ALWAYS: Sunset on Third Street,” where the residents and the shopkeepers interact in a friendly atmosphere.