Daiso Aomonoyokocho Ekimae store

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This store primarily sells stationery, though it also offersvarious other products, ranging from everyday items,such as kitchen utensils and cleaning tools, through toconfectionary. It is popular among local office workersand students during the week, and with families onweekends. Making a purchase here is a breeze, thanksto the store’s two self-checkout machines.

With 6046 stores in Japan and overseas (as of the end of February 2023), the 100 yen store Daiso is a “more convenient than a convenience store” that has everything you need right there.

The Aomonoyokocho store is located right in front of the station, and because the customer base changes depending on the time of day, including locals and nearby office workers, we are conscious of offering a wide range of products, from consumable goods essential to daily life to stationery and food.

In particular, the Aomonoyokocho store focuses on its selection of “snacks” and has a snack corner located right outside the entrance.

Many people, from children to adults, purchase sweets as if they were in a candy shop.

The layout of the store is also designed to make it easy for people in town to use, with the categories of the items on the shelves marked in large letters so that they can easily find what they are looking for, and the products lined up on the stairs leading to the second floor.

The Aomonoyokocho store is a community-based Daiso.