Zeal Dental Clinic

TEL 03-6770-1877
map 2F 3-6-1 Minamishinagawa
URL/SNS https://zeal-dental.jp/

This dental clinic opened in 2021. Both the greeneryaround the entrance and the well-lit treatment rooms,which feature stylish lighting fixtures, were personallydesigned by the clinic’s director. The clinic operatesbased on a patient-friendly treatment policy that aims topreserve a patient’s original teeth as much as possible andavoid unnecessary extractions, and strives to offer eachcustomer the best possible treatment options based on thescope of their insurance.

We are not a dentist you go to when it hurts, but a dentist you go to before it hurts. With this concept in mind, we focus on preventive dentistry and support the preservation of as many of your teeth as possible.

In order to protect your teeth, we will kindly consider a treatment plan that suits you and make maximum proposals within the range of what your insurance can cover.

For regular checkups and cleanings, we use the EMS Airflow, which can be used by everyone from children to the elderly, and we provide “care” and “cure” with the latest technology and equipment that continues to evolve every day.

Many people visit us for whitening and orthodontics, and they can receive treatment in a clean and stylish private room in a relaxed atmosphere.

We can honestly tell you about your oral condition and make suggestions to avoid unnecessary treatment because we truly care about our patients.

We want to support our patients’ lives through their mouths.