This clinic has been offering internal medicine, surgery,gastroenterology, and proctology services since 2005.The clinic’s director specializes in gastrointestinalsurgery, and can examine a patient’s stomach andlarge intestine, as well as remove polyps, using anendoscope. Thorough medical examinations andvarious other health checkups are also available here.

Under the director’s ideal of “providing comprehensive care for chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension in addition to gastrointestinal diseases, our specialty, while understanding the patient’s point of view,” we provide detailed and easy-to-understand explanations, examinations and treatment with less pain by effectively using sedatives and other drugs, and medical care to prevent illnesses before they occur.

We have a variety of testing and electronic equipment, and all information is stored digitally so that test results and medical conditions can be easily compared with past data.

The hospital is a 3-minute walk from the station and is kept bright and clean so that patients can come to the hospital with peace of mind.

We are a family doctor and a dependable home doctor who treats patients every day to serve the people of Aoyoko, where the director was born and raised, from the time when they were healthy.