Ruby Acupuncture and Osteopathic Clinic

TEL 03-6718-4111
住所/map 2-17-20 Minamishinagawa
URL/SNS website

Open on weekends and holidays, this clinic acceptspatients as late as 8:30 PM, making it convenient for busypeople. It treats issues such as growing pains and lowerback pain, and offers everything from desk job supportto skeletal correction and cosmetic acupuncture services.Reservations can be made at any time via LINE.

From neck and shoulder pain, back pain to sports injuries, we offer custom-made treatment plans for each individual based on their insurance treatment.

As part of this, we have introduced the Thomson table (bed), which performs the “Thomson Technique,” a skeletal correction technique.

It is possible to perform the treatment without pain for everyone from children to the elderly.

We also aim to provide fundamental solutions through a variety of treatments, including a special EMS treatment device that can approach any kind of pain from deep inside, acupuncture treatment performed by a national certification holder, and stretching.

To enrich the bodies and minds of local residents, we listen carefully to our patients under the theme of “a cheerful store” and provide treatments that specialize in early recovery and prevention of recurrence.

We also offer beauty acupuncture, pelvic correction, and treatment to improve muscle strength.

It is a reliable acupuncture and moxibustion osteopathic clinic that provides detailed analysis of symptoms and advice on daily life.