Ohara Dental Clinic

Dentist above second floor of Mos Burger, just aminute’s walk from Aomono-yokocho Station. Englishlanguage available. Total support for your dentalhealth including: treatment of cavities and peridontaldisease, non-metal treatments, treatment forocclusions, ceramic treatments, implants, whitening,splints, etc.

Opened 35 years ago, Ohara Dental Clinic’s staff is committed to creating a space where patients can feel comfortable talking about any problems they may have.

The waiting room, where patients first enter, is decorated with seasonal accessories and fresh flowers to create an atmosphere that makes them feel at home.

All treatment rooms are private rooms, creating an environment where patients can receive treatment in peace.

The latest equipment that can scan and design teeth on the spot has been introduced, allowing us to finish a dental crown as early as the same day.

Dentists use their holidays to attend graduate school to learn the latest techniques and expertise.

We aim to be a place to practice “integrative medicine” where we strengthen cooperation with different industries and propose treatment plans from various professional standpoints.