Iwano Osteopathic Clinic

TEL 03-6451-4497
map 1F 3-5-4 Minamishinagawa
URL/SNS website

The clinic can offer manual therapy, physicaltherapy and physiotherapy for body pain,discomfort etc. to alliviate the pain and supportto improve the life habits which causes the pain.You can feel free to contact any time.

Because it is not beneficial to patients if the quality of treatment changes depending on the person in charge, we insist on examining patients alone to track down the cause of their pain, and basically provide custom-made treatment by hand.

We place importance on communication with patients, such as telling them about treatments they can do at home and discussing the frequency of visits with them, with the aim of curing their lifestyle habits rather than requiring them to visit the clinic every day.

We will treat symptoms that have not been cured by any other treatment by combining manual therapy, physical therapy, and physiotherapy, as well as by reviewing lifestyle habits.

At the Osteopathic Clinic, we diagnose a wide range of symptoms from the perspective of Oriental medicine.