Aoyoko Ophthalmology

Opened in May 2018, Aoyoko Ganka is a modern,approachable eye clinic located just a minute’swalk from Aomono-yokocho Station, on Geneva-Heiwa Street. See us for any eye concerns includingtired eyes, hayfever, cataracts, glaucoma, anddiabetes-related conditions.

Aoyoco Ophthalmology is staffed daily by a couple of ophthalmologists.

The husband, Dr. Yuichi Namikawa, and his wife, Dr. Hiromi, take turns working at the clinic, and the couple cooperate with each other on their days off to do housework and pick up their children.

Dr. Yuichi has been interested in life chemistry since he was a child and chose to become a doctor.

He says, “Even if a disease cannot be completely cured, there are still many things that can be done.

He treats both common diseases such as conjunctivitis and difficult diseases that require surgery with the same high quality, and many patients come to him by word of mouth.

His sincere attitude toward his patients oozes from his wealth of experience.

The fact that he uses insurance only and does not provide self-funded treatment shows his concern for his patients.

If you are not sure about treatment, or if you have been treated at other hospitals but have not been cured, please consult with us.