Aoyoko Dermatology Clinic

“Aoyoko Hifuka Clinic” provides various dermatologicaltreatments and procedures. The clinic performs cosmeticprocedures such as the removal of freckles and moles,ingrown toenail treatment, ear piercing and hairregrowth for propecia (AGA/male pattern alopecia) aswell as general dermatological clinic. The clinic acceptsoutpatients and carries out extensive medical treatments.

Dr. Tajima, the director of the clinic, says that he was born in a family where his father was a practicing doctor and naturally decided to become a doctor.

He fell in love with the atmosphere of the downtown area and decided to open a clinic here.

He finds it rewarding in the medical style in which he takes full responsibility for everything from medical interviews to treatment and procedures including simple surgeries.

He says he cannot live without his head loupe because his job involves a lot of detailed work, such as observing inflammation and sewing up wounds.

Since the skin is the surface of the body and the part of the body that is visible to the eye, he has a strong desire to fix inflammations and wounds as cleanly as possible.

He also puts a lot of effort into shortening waiting time, and from the second visit, patients can make appointments online and can leave the office by just asking.

The director’s personality of “not wanting to put unnecessary stress on patients” can be felt.