Yakitori Lucky Aomonoyokocho

open tue-sun 11:00~21:00
close mon(holiday・In the case of a public holiday marked with a 7, the following Tuesday)
TEL 03-6260-0771
map 1F 2-7-10 Minamishinagawa
URL/SNS Instagram

This restaurant specializes in take-out yakitori and otherfried chicken meals, with each ingredient being carefullyselected and prepared to a high standard. Since dateswith a seven in them are considered lucky, such daysare celebrated with a 10% discount on all items. Otherdiscounts, in the form of point cards and coupons, are alsoavailable. The restaurant is also popular for its deliciousand nutritious bento (packed meal) boxes.

The yakitori is carefully grilled on the restaurant’s grill using carefully selected chicken meat. The outside is crispy and the delicious taste of the meat spreads in your mouth as you take a bite.

The karaage, which is also popular in bento boxes, is large and juicy, and is prepared in the restaurant by thoroughly rubbing it with our secret sauce.

The lucky bento containing both yakitori and karaage is the most popular because of its generous portion!

The daily bento containing yakitori and a side dish that changes daily is also popular.

The bento menu changes once a month, so you will never get tired of the deliciousness.

You can also make reservations on line or by phone to purchase without waiting, so you can order at the time you want to eat.

Check out our Instagram for special information such as lucky days and limited-time-only menus!